Caroline Kliengestierna interview with Tomasz

About starting profession?

More ideas, than questions

Beyond mere techniques 

Enjoy critical thinking

Problem/solution dichotomy

Situations focused model

Different videos – enjoy

Unboxing 3Q 

Tomasz & Plamen Panayotov:)

E-motions, energy & SF

Different use of the MQ

Utilizing external ideas

Scaling difficult situations

Our – SFA Center’s videos – recorded during Solution Focused BriefTherapy Association conference in Santa Fe, NM, USA – 2015

Tomasz conference’s / workshops activities

Tomasz’s workshop on What works beyond … EBTA Sofia 2018

Tomasz’s workshop on What works beyond …SFBTA Boulder, CO, USA 2018

SFACenter’s trainings

SFBTA conference Halifax 2016 – Tomasz’s plenary contribution

Halifax plenary presentation in pdf

J-SOL 7 conference, Tokyo 2021