Welcome to our on-line services page!

We’re located in Poland and deliver our services worldwide.

We’ve already provided live trainings, workshops and presentations in dozen countries in Europe, also in USA, Canada and Japan.

Our on-line services are open to all people interested in getting support in their development – personal and/or professional! You can contact us to find our more about therapy, counseling, life coaching, pro coaching, supervision. We support adults, teens! We help with wide range of issues: life troubles, relationships issues, parenting matters, mental health developments.

Our style of assisting people in getting more of what’s wanted by them is based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy/Approach and our own style SituationsFocusedModel.

Stay connected with us! Get more!

We are focused on MindsInAction and Mind-Design!

On-line services are provided by therapist, counselors, supervisors certified by IASTI (www.iasti.org)

We work via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, What’sUp, Discord!

Price is the matter of negotiations! We’re trying to make it affordable and through win-win actions!

Take care!

Write email directly to: tomaszswitek@centrumpsr.eu



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